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Latin for Desire

Founded in 2006 by Sara Beltrán, Dezso is a destination for extraordinary and singular designs—from the everyday to the exceptional.

Sara Beltrán

Inspired by her travels and love and respect for the ocean, the El Paso native began making jewelry for herself before soon expanding her craft and creating her own line.

Sara splits her time between homes in New York, Mexico and Jaipur, India, drawing inspiration from each. She continues to travel in search of inspiration and techniques to incorporate into her collections.

Working mostly with 18k gold, some silver and a variety of stones, which she has specially carved for each piece, Sara gravitates towards natural elements, including polki diamonds, fossils and shark teeth. No two pieces are alike.

Polki, Rose Cut & Brilliant Diamonds

Polki diamonds are natural and uncut, presented in their natural state. Rose cut diamonds, which have been used since the 16th century, feature a flat bottom and dome-shaped top. Brilliant diamonds are cut into numerous facets to maximize brilliance.

Shark Teeth

Natural, unaltered shark teeth are used in many Dezso designs. Sourced mainly from Mexico, each is carefully chosen to suit the aesthetic of the particular piece.

Carved Stone

Specially carved into ocean-inspired shapes, each of these stones is crafted by hand in Jaipur, India from precious and semi-precious stones. Though part of a cohesive collection, the specialized techniques used guarantee that each piece will be one-of-a-kind.

Dezso captures natural beauty in an elevated way with artisanal handcraftsmanship, old world techniques and original designs. Each Dezso piece is beautifully handmade using precious and semi-precious materials that have all been hand-selected by Sara herself.