Mexican Bracelets

This hand-woven piece is one of Sara's first designs and an important part of the Dezso Identity.


Located in the municipality of Zinacantan in the mexican state of Chiapas. The Village of Nachig has an estimated population of 2,580 inhabitants.

Twelve of the women from the community work closely with Sara on the making of Dezso's mexican bracelets. The technical name for the hand-work is “tejido de nudo." Each bracelet takes two hours to complete and only four are made each day.

Women pin the thread to their body, and weave out of it
Women waving on loom
Mexican bracelets
the packaging the woman use to delivery their work
dezso commissioned the community to make an oversized mexican bracelet here the piece almost done
Adding the fluo accent at the end
close detail of tejido de nudo
Adding a different detail
Placing the pieces together
Women from the comunidad hormiga weave each bracelet by hand.

After the community finishes their work, the bracelets are taken to India and assembled with hand carved stones to add Dezso's final touch.